Secure data access with code.

Automate request and approval workflows to sensitive data via Terraform.

How Abbey Works
We make automating and securing access to sensitive data painless and simple to set up.
Build natively with Terraform
Get live quickly by extending your existing Infrastructure as Code deployment. Create custom approval workflows with the right guardrails to keep you in compliance
resource "abbey_grant_kit" "jediDB_readonly_role" {
name = "Read-only Role for jediDB in Snowflake"
workflow = {
steps = [
{ reviewers = { all_of = [""] } }

output = {
location = "github://rebelalliance/jediDB/"
append = <​<​-Terraform
resource "snowflake_role_grants" "jediDB_read" {
role_name =
users = [.data.abbey.identity.snowflake.username]
Quickly connect your data systems
Integrate with popular data stores like Snowflake, MondoDB, or Databricks. Create granular permissions and limit risk via least privilege principles.
Request, grant, and revoke with ease
Users can easily find the data and permission they need. You can quickly approve requests or revoke access and let the Abbey workflow engine take care of the rest.
Built by engineers, for engineers.
We understand the pain and complexity of securing access to sensitive because we've been in those shoes.
Engineer-driven automation
Abbey puts the right tools in the hands of those with knowledge to use them, enabling more efficient workflows.
Security-first, compliance simplified
Manage access with a security-first approach, and still easily fulfill compliance requirements.
DevSecOps in practice
Abbey means managing access to sensitive data is fully integrated into your software development lifecycle.
Verifiable, testable, reproducible, and versioned
Everything you need to triple check that you’re data is safe when it comes to managing access.
See it for Yourself
We’ve made securing data access easy so engineers can streamline their workflow.