Identity Infrastructure as Code

Toolchain that enables Security teams to securely manage access to sensitive data.

Built based on our experience at iconic companies

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  • Arvil Nagpal

    Arvil Nagpal

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Product Lead at Okta where he was responsible for its automation suite, a $250MM ARR business.

    Led the launch of Okta's no-code automation platform, Okta Workflows, gaining 500+ enterprise customers in its first year with an NPS of 55.

  • Jeff Chao

    Jeff Chao

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Led Change Data Capture at Stripe, which enables Stripe's data platform and user-facing products to work with over $640 Billion in payments annually.

    Previously at Netflix as a lead for the streaming data team, making sure Netflix's video playback works reliably at Petabyte scale.

  • Yage Hu

    Yage Hu

    Software Engineer

    Worked at Meta developing AR/VR products for the Android/Linux camera stack.

    Previously at Uber as the lead for its internal social media application.

    A generalist, but loves to specialize in Rust.

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Bay Area, CA

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